Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Redesigning deviantART

This is a scratch that just had to be itched. While I love the concept of deviantART, I hate the way it looks. I mean, I REALLY hate it.

First off, the colors. While green, in and of itself, is a lovely color—it's the color of grassy meadows and sunlit forests, after all—whoever "designed" this site chose the worst possible shades of green and them paired them together to create something grotesque enough to make Mother Nature throw up a little bit in her mouth.

Next, there's the icons. Icons that I'm sure were pretty cool and even "cutting edge" when people first started decorating their GeoCities websites with them back in 1997. Sure, the whole "retro" look is cool these days, but only as long as you're doing it ironically. In other words, by people who are actually cool, but choose to dress nerdy, and thus make the nerdy look cool.

This, however, is a case of a nerd who has no idea what cool is, can never hope to know, and still gets beat up for his lunch money even as an adult.

On top of all that, there's the sheer clunkiness of the site itself. Trying to find my way around that site is like trying to pilot the space shuttle.

All of that has driven me absolutely stark-raving bonkers for some time now, and I finally couldn't stand it anymore. It was like walking past a painting over and over that's hanging crooked: I just had to stop and straighten it. And then get a whole new painting, because the original one looked like ass.

Now, I didn't waste a ton of time on this; I didn't put the same sort of effort into the user interface, iconography, etc. that I would with a normal, paying job. I used buttons, textures and icons other designers have created and made available free online. Basically, I just wanted it to stop looking like ass. (Click images below to embiggen)

Home page:

Artist page:

Gallery page:

Lookit that. Seriously. So much better. Sigh... Okay, I can breathe now...

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