Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My contributions to Atomukk Pizzeria

I finally got around the other week to finishing my second contribution to the fabulously grotesque Atomukk Pizzeria, and only just now realized I never posted them here. Rest assured, a number of my thralls where severely punished for the oversight. (And by punished I mean forced to watch a "Real Wives of Orange County" marathon on Bravo. No mercy, that's my policy.)

If you're not familiar with it, what in Helheim is wrong with you? Do I have to do everything for you? Odin's beard....

In a nutshell, it's "a perfect blend of ingredients from the mutant culture of the 80's and 90's," which is every bit as awesome as it sounds. As for me, I decided to give one of my favorite childhood toons the mutant treatment because, let's face it, it would have made a much more entertaining show.

Entry number deux:

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